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The new Immediate Media website has just gone live and there is quite a considerable amount of my photography on it, mainly the staff portraits which I have been shooting on and off for the past couple of weeks. This is the first major project I’ve done with pro grade flash kits. I’ve taken over one hundred portraits after having little over a day training. As you can probably imagine it’s been quite a challenge but it’s also been really rewarding because I would have never thought of myself as being able to achieve these kinds of results, nevermind direct the subjects and edit them to be consistent throughout.

I’ve always thought that if I were to attempt portraiture I would attempt to bring some of my street ethos into the studio but with a strict brief like this it’s virtually impossible. Only careful repetition and an almost robot like approach to the technique will give you the results that are needed. One thing is for sure, I wouldn’t want to do this full time, however it has sparked my interest in how I can actually say something with this completely different setup and relationship between myself and the subject.