Oxford Circus Project End / by Ed Walker


So I said I was going to continue with my current project on Oxford Circus but actually I have decided to stop. The Christmas lights have come down and also the shops’ lighting conditions have changed so it would look different to the rest of the pictures. What I did do was re-crop and re-process a lot of them and you can see the final gallery here.

However, my Sigma lens works wonderfully so I’m going to explore other parts of the West End and find another subject, maybe Soho, maybe Chinatown or even somewhere completely different. The evenings still draw in early and until it’s no longer dark when I leave work I’ll use that to build upon what I’ve learned in this project.

I’ve also been remiss in writing my pieces about other photographers. I bought a book on Joel Meyerowitz and planned to write a post about how his work has not only influenced me but countless others.

I recently re-joined the London Independent Photographers. I’ve yet to go to a meeting but it’s something I need to make time to do as well as re-equaint myself to the world of Street Photography, if I have one New Year’s Resolution it’s to throw myself back into my photography. Last year was a rest and a review of what I wanted to get out of it, now I have a better idea I need to act on it.