Soho Spotlight / by Ed Walker

There is a reason for why I’ve taken so long to upload the final versions of these pictures but I don’t know what it is. I also processed these shots in the autumn but again they have sat on my hard drive waiting. I don’t know why.


The first shots were taken at London Pride in 2017, with the last shot taken in September ‘18. There have been big gaps between flurries of activity and although London has many more nooks and crannies to find people in, it’s much less consistent in the kind of people I want to shoot.


If you look at my Instagram feed, you will see various versions of these images in different crops and processing. I’ve been attempting to experiment with my framing and create a collection that has a different feel to previous ones. However, when I go back and collect together the shots for the final collection I still am drawn to the centre crop. I think this might be because I want to tell a consistent story with the images and it also appeals to the typology side of my photography brain.


Another significant change from previous work has been my approach on the street. When I was in New York I was constantly on the move. In London, because of the type of people I wanted to capture and the vastness of London it because clear that I really needed to stay in a number of spots to maintain the style and quality of the subjects. The majority of these shots were taken on Carnaby Street.


You can see the entire collection here.